In its Architectural designs, Swasthi always endeavors to give paramount importance to:
  1. Uphold the functional values to serve the purpose of the building or space as per the requirement of the client.
  2. Incorporate the traditional values as per client liking.
  3. Add aesthetical details to provide an identity to the building.

Besides being exclusive Architect for any project, Swasthi also assumes the role of a Resident Architect for Corporate clients who need local services for design & execution of projects based on the corporate designs & specifications of their companies prepared at their headquarters elsewhere.

Interior Design

A place for every thing and every thing in place!

Swasthi aims to do just that – Creating space and filling them with essentials in an aesthetical manner. Swasthi creates interior spaces where need & beauty coexists and in the process ensures maximum utility and enjoyment for the inhabitants.

Engineering Consulting

For assisting the client in executing the Architectural & Interior designs provided from its office, Swasthi arranges for a host of related consulting services on the Engineering side such as Civil, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Air-conditioning etc.

Job Execution & Supervision

Services are also provided for getting the job executed by identifying a suitable contracting agency for the job. After assisting the client for approving the profile & financial terms of the contracting agency, Swasthi provides all the necessary documentation for contractual requirements such as terms & conditions, agreement etc. After the appointment of the contracting agency, once the execution of the job commences, Swasthi arranges for periodic supervision of the job to confirm that the execution is as per the specifications for work & materials prescribed by Swasthi. While quality is ensured through these periodic supervisions, quantity assessment is also carried out for certifying the bills put up by the contracting agency.

Other Services

Swasthi provides necessary assistance for non-technical pre & post execution requirements for a job such as registrations, approvals, statutory clearances etc with local authorities. For providing these services, Swasthi identifies suitable agencies for the liaison jobs that are recommended to the clients as and when the requirement arises. In other words, Swasthi attempts to create a hassle-free environment for its client by taking care of all that there is to do for a project, may it be technical or otherwise.