Our Profile

Swasthi aims to promote the strongest desire of an individual or an organization to accomplish their requirement of owning a shelter of their choice, may it be a workplace or living quarters. This dream shelter should reflect the individual’s or the organization’s philosophy and promote the desired identity in harmony with the nature that surrounds the shelter.

Swasthi responds to this cliental requirement with a well-balanced objectivism in its expertise and has the collective expertise of creditable and renowned personalities as consultants in the field of Architecture, Civil Engineering & Interior Designing.

Ms. Sudha Hariharasubramony, an Architect & Interior Designer by profession with more than 2 decades of experience in the field, manages Swasthi. She is a graduate of Architecture from the prestigious College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Kerala. Besides practicing her profession, Ms.Sudha is also a visiting faculty for various prestigious educational institutions.

In today’s world, the rapid expansion of knowledge is running parallel to the advancements of Science and Technology. To get the best out of such a situation, it is becoming very essential for a professional to seek the best advices from experts in related fields. For this purpose, Ms.Sudha has put together a consortium of Civil & Structural Engineers, Electrical & Lighting experts, Plumbing consultants, Air-conditioning consultants etc. Under her stewardship these highly qualified and experienced consultants support the decision-making at Swasthi for getting the best options to serve the clients.